• 5 Uploads/User/Day
  • 10 API calls/Day
  • Runs on Public Cloud (Multi-tenant)
  • Public Cloud Storage
  • 50mb File Size Limit
  • 30 Days Report Archival
  • Standard Support
  • -
  • -




  • Get Quote
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited API calls/Day
  • On-premise. Runs within your Firewall
  • On-premise File Storage
  • Uncapped File Size
  • Unlimited Report Archival
  • Premium Support
  • JSON Format Data Export
  • Expert Advice/Tips

What are the benefits of 'Enterprise' edition over 'public' edition?

In 'Public' edition your dumps are uploaded to public cloud. For certain enterprise, it's concern to upload production artifacts to public cloud. In 'Enterprise' edition, applications are privately installed and runs on your datacenter/local machine. Thus production artifacts will remain within your corporate firewall.

More Features
'Enterprise' edition has more features such as: capability to down the reports in CSV format, expert advice on JVM settings, automatic problem detection and fine grained solution to the problems

Unlimited usage
As shown in the above table, in the 'Public' edition there are limits on the number of dumps that you can upload, size of the file that you can upload. Where as in 'Enterprise' edition there are no such limits. You have unlimited access.

In 'Public' edition, service requests are attended within 3 days. Only e-mail support is provided. In 'Enterprise' edition service requests are attended with in 24 hours. Both Email and Phone support are provided.

Do you provide any other custom plans?

Yes, we do. For few major enterprises like 'apple', 'T-mobile' we do provide an exclusive hosted environment (i.e. in a secure cloud. So that you don't have to worry about installing, upgrading, maintaining, backing up data and running it 24 x 7.

Can I try the product before I buy?

Sure. You can register here to get a free 14-day trial version for both of our products: &

What are the system requirements to run 'Enterprise' edition?

Installing and running 'Enterprise' edition is very easy. You just have to unzip our file and run the launch the startup script. Here are the System requirements:

a. RAM: 2GB 
b. CPU: Any configuration
c. Operating System: Any
d. Hard disk: Approximately 60 GB hard disk
e. Software: Java 8

What is the difference between Standard vs. Premium Support?

Standard Support: Service requests are attended with in 3 days. Only e-mail support is provided.

Premium Support: Service requests are attended with in 24 hours. Both Email and Phone support are provided.

Can I book a free demo?

Sure. Please send an email to with subject "Demo"

How to buy 'Enterprise' edition?

Please send email to with subject "Enterprise Edition". In the email, please mention how many seats you are looking to buy.