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#1 thread dump analysis tool

fastThread is the DevOps engineers favorite thread dump analysis tool to troubleshoot complex production problems.

Universal Thread dump Analysis

fastThread, a universal tool that will parse and analyze thread dumps written in any language that runs on the JVM. It will convert your Java, Scala, Jython, JRuby thread dumps to useful information for root cause analysis (RCA).

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a simple but easy to understand view of your thread analysis through intuitive data display. View your blocked, runnable, timed waiting, waiting and repeating stack traces in a click. Reliably fix scalability, performance and availability issues quickly and at your convenience.

Online Thread dump analyzer

There is no hazzle to register or download or install the tool in your machine. Just upload your applications thread dump files & review the reports instantly.


fastThread has built industry's first (and only) REST API to analyze thread dumps. Instead of manually uploading and analyzing thread dumps - you can analyze thread dumps from all your JVMs in a programmatic manner.

Core dump analysis

Java core dump has lot of rich information but in a hard to understand/digest format. can analyze Java core dump files and provide you precise information in a graphical format.

hs_err_pid analysis

A crashes or fatal error causes a JVM to terminate abnormally. When JVM terminate abnormally it creates hs_err_pid file. This file has lot of information, fastThread helps you to analyze this hs_err_pid file effectively.

How it works?

  • 1

    Capture thread dumps

    There are 8 different options to capture thread dumps. Use the one that suits you.

  • 2

    Upload thread dumps to

    Upload the captured thread dumps file to

  • 3

    Review the report

    Review our world-class analysis report. Our Deep learning algorithms instantly spots root cause of complex problems.

  • 4

    You can also use REST API

    To analyze hundreds/thousands of JVMs thread dumps in a proactive manner, use our REST API

Ultimate DevOps Tool

fastThread liberates DevOps from engaging vendors to troubleshoot your production problems. This highly effective and efficient tool allows DevOps to instantly identify and resolve root cause issues in matter of seconds. Designed with intelligent patterns, you can trace the problem right down to the exact class, method and even line number.

Our Machine learning algorithms can detect patterns and it can forecast problems that's going to happen in near future. It can tell you very soon your application is going to experience OutOfMemoryError, very soon your application's CPU is going to spike up.

Beyond APM

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools are great at telling that your application's CPU spiked up by x%, your memory degraded by y%, your response time increased by z milliseconds. But it won't tell you what caused the CPU to spike? what caused the memory consumption to degrade? what caused the response time to increase?

fastThread answers these questions. It can tell you exact class, exact method, exact line of code that caused the problem. Beauty is: it does the analysis without adding runtime overhead to your application.


Leverage our light-weight REST APIs to do pro-active thread dump analysis on all your production JVMs. Build alerts. Never have down-time.

Why use fastThread?

Instant RCA

Whether your application's CPU spiked up or resulted in OutOfMemoryError or became unresponsive? Just upload your thread dumps to fastThread and see the root cause instantly.

Expert analysis patterns

Industry Experts have created sophisticated thread dump analysis patterns. These Patterns are applied on yours thread dumps to discover problems.

Simplistic Brilliance

Stunning graphical views of the thread dumps and several insightful code metrics about your application are presented in an intuitive manner in one dashboard.


Depending the tools you use to capture thread dumps and JVM version, thread dump format varies. fastThread parses multiple thread dumps formats to be universal thread dump analyzer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take thread dumps?

There are multiple options to take thread dumps. Here is our article which provides you 8 different options to capture thread dumps.

Can tool parse thread dumps only?

Besides parsing thread dumps, fastThread can also parse core dumps and hs_err_pid files as well.

Can I install this tool locally?

Yes, you can install this tool locally, so that you don't have to upload the dumps to our servers. Please see the pricing for this plan.

You can register here to get a free 14-day trial version for both of our products: &

Can I look at sample thread dump analysis reports?

Ofcourse. Here are sample thread dump analysis reports generated by fastThread:

  1. 1. Transitive blocks
  2. 2. Unresponsive JVM
  3. 3. Sudden CPU spike
  4. 4. Thread Leaks

Can you clarify licensing on reusing the reports and graphics?

You are welcome to use the graphics and other metrics provided by the fastThread tool in your blog post or company report by specifying accreditation "Generated by" at the bottom of the graphics.

fastThread isn't able to parse my thread dumps?

We parse multiple thread dump formats. But still we keep uncovering new formats of thread dumps. If you can email your thread dump to, we will enhance the tool to parse it, right away.

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